— OUr Core Values —


Our clients love us because we focus our efforts on making the building of their dream home both enjoyable and sustainable.  We believe that hiring people and running our organization using the following Core Values, we can offer our clients, our architects, our Trade partners and our team members an unrivaled building experience.

Focus on an Extraordinary Customer Experience
Maintain Environmental and Social Responsibility in Every Decision
Make the Building Process Enjoyable for All Shareholder in All of Our Projects
Building a Better Way - Find the Best Way to Doing Something and Then Find A Way To Do It Better
Realize That We Are Much Better Working as a Team Than We Could Ever Be Working Apart

Our People

Study after study has shown that happy employees enjoy their work, do a better job and take better care of customers.  Our team members have made us great and have made our clients our raving fans.   We have focused on making our employees lives better.  And,  by being a great company to work for, we get to choose from the best people in the industry.  

Listed below are the amazing  people who have made us what we are today and who will lead us into the future. 


What We Do

We build homes. More specifically, we help our clients have a wonderful home building and remodeling experience by taking all of the stress and sleepless nights from the home building and remodeling process by emphasizing communication, transparency, preparation and guidance from the start of architectural design the day you move in and we are just a phone call away everyday after that. We do not do design in house but instead collaborate with the best architects in the SF Bay area to bring our clients visions to life.   We build new custom homes, additions and major remodels involving at least 1000 sq ft. of the existing home. Earth Bound Homes uses state of the art building techniques and materials to create beautiful, efficient homes.  Through a complete and rigorous analysis of your project, we will offer you alternatives to the traditional or standard building materials or details as a way to increase your home’s durability and efficiency, while eliminating the use of toxic and off-gassing materials in your home. Our use of advanced building principles, high quality materials and a holistic approach to home building helps us create amazing homes.  

While all of our projects come from outside architects and designers, Earth Bound Homes is often the first point of contact. After our first meeting with homeowners, we will often recommend 1 or 2 architects that we feel will most closely fit with the architectural style, project scope, budget, the size of the home and often most importantly, the personality of the homeowner(s). This collaborative group of the homeowner, the architect and Earth Bound Homes, brings together a divergent set of beliefs and experiences, thereby giving the homeowner the advantages of differing points of view throughout the design and build process. By working with the architects and Earth Bound Homes, the homeowners can realize the greatest cost savings during the beginning of the project’s design phase through the final build out of the home or remodel. By thoroughly planning the project before construction begins, we can dramatically reduce budget overruns and change orders with the end result being a much better home.