Building A Better Way

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A Better Way

—  WHAT WE DO  —

We are a Home Building Company.  While we do not design the homes we build, we collaborate with the best architects in the San Francisco Bay Area to bring their visions to life for our clients.   We build new custom homes, additions and major remodels involving at least 1000 sq ft. of an existing home.  Earth Bound Homes uses state of the art building techniques and materials to create beautiful, efficient homes.  Through a complete and rigorous analysis of your project, we will offer you alternatives to the traditional or standard building materials and details as a way to decrease costs and increase your home’s durability and efficiency, while eliminating the use of toxic and off-gassing materials. Our use of advanced building principles, high quality materials and a holistic approach to home building helps us create amazing homes.  

While all of our projects are designed by outside architects, Earth Bound Homes is often the first point of contact. After our first meeting with a homeowner(s), we will recommend 1 or 2 architects that we feel will most closely fit with the architectural style, project scope, budget, the size of the home and often most importantly, the personality of the homeowner(s). This collaborative group of the homeowner, the architect and Earth Bound Homes, brings together a divergent set of beliefs and experiences, giving the homeowner the advantages of differing points of view throughout the design and construction process. This collaboration, from the start of design development, allows the homeowners to realize the greatest cost savings. By thoroughly planning the project before construction begins, we can dramatically reduce budget overruns and change orders with the end result being a much better home, built faster and will much less uncertainty and fewer change orders. 

—  Building Process —

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Proper Planning during Pre-Construction Services(PCS)...

To help create a clear vision, we integrate the Client, Architect and Builder into one collaborative team. Together, we work to achieve the Client’s dreams while honoring the Architect's design and respecting the Client's budget. Our fully transparent project pricing means that you never have to worry about how much everything is going to cost because you have access to every bid, proposal and estimate. Additionally, when needed, we enlist the support of additional subject matter experts and utilize our deep roster of talented subcontractors to add to the team, addressing any special design nuances with craftsmen in the know. Our process is highly collaborative and iterative. Our job is to focus the entire team toward achieving a common goal, building your home, on your budget and as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand the stress of construction projects and we work to eliminate the unknown, reduce frustration and keep the project on budget. The result? You can enjoy the process and be an active participant, as we build your new home, together.

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Leads to Stress-Free Construction

Now that the majority of the hard work designing and specifying your new home has been completed during the Preconstruction Services process, you can enjoy watching your home be built. Since we specialize in complex, difficult to build, new custom homes and major home remodels, and all of our Project Managers have run their own successful home building companies prior to joining Earth Bound Homes, you can have the security of knowing that you are working with some of the best in the home building business. Through continuous communication during weekly meetings and through our custom project management software, you will always know what is happening on your home, today, tomorrow and three months from now.